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A Shoulderclip for the Garmin Gps

Home made for less then 2 euro's

The GPS attached to the backpack shoulder strap

On my hikes I carry my Garmin Geko-201 gps with a clip attached to my backpacks' shoulder strap. On the picture you can see me hiking along the GR5 in the French Alps. My gps is securely attached to my backpack in a position that is ideal for perfect satellite reception.

When I need to inspect my gps I can detach it with one movement and hold it in my hand. When I am done I can easily put it back in place. No need to take your pack off, or even have to stop walking.

Below is a description how it can be made for less then €2 and half an hours work.

All the parts

Important is that you should have kept the little screw on the back of the Geko gps, the one that functioned for fixing the gps in the plastic box.

You will also need a piece of nylon ribbon, and a clip-set as shown on the picture. These parts you can buy at any outdoor-shop that sells spare camping equipment.

Cut the ribbon in two parts, melt the ends of the ribbon carefully with the heat of a candle flame. This is done in order to prevent the ribbon from falling apart.

Partly attached

On this picture you see this little essential screw detached from the gps. The first half part of the nylon ribbon is sewn on the male part of the clip set. The outer part of the ribbon is rounded off, melt the ends of the ribbon.

Then, with a hot needle, a hole is melted in the middle of the ribbon sticking out from the clip. Through this hole the screw will go.

The Garmin Geko with the clip

Before screwing everything together you should fix the ribbon to the body of the gps with some hobby-kit or double sided adhesive tape. This will prevent the screw from coming loose during use.

The Garmin Legend with the clip

On the picture to the right is the clip attached to my newly obtained Garmin Legend. The backpack clip is attached tot the included Mount Adapter with two small tie-wraps.

Clip attached to shoulder strap

This is the shoulder strap of the backpack. The other half part of the ribbon is used for attaching the female part of the clip-set. Here I used an eye-let to sew it on.

When you are right-handed the best place to put in on is the strap on your left shoulder.


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