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Crossing waterfall at Biasca train station

Some remarks about the track between Biasca Haus and Ulrichen.

I walked this track in June and July 2014.


In Biasca hotel Albergo Svizzero: Room CHF 80. http://www.hotelsvizzero.ch Around the train station (15mins) prices tend to be cheaper.

Visit the old church on the hill with medieval fresco's inside.

Cabane d'Efra and the pass behind

Cabane d'Efra

The part between Biasca and Parsonico is not very interesting. Take the bus, it will save precious time and energy. The last bit climbs up very steeply.

The cabane d'Efra is not manned. You can cook, there are some supplies. Write down what you consumed, put the money in an envelope and slide it in the box.


The Youth Hostel at the Icehockey Ring is closed at Mondays. Lots of alternate places to go. Hotel Alpina is fine at CHF 45.

At the Forcella di Redorta 2200m

Prato Sornico

There are private rooms (in the old Youth Hostel?), and there is a hotel a bit higher up. The hotel has a dorm in the bunker.

Have dinner in La Ponte.

Take the Village Tour, it is described in a little folder.

In Sornico there is a little grocery store, the last one up until Ulrichen!

Cooling the water-melons in Fontana

Val Bovana (Fontana)

If you are fed up with climbing passes, an alternative is the detour through the valley. In one day from Sornico to San Carlo. Follow the beautiful footpath that goes mostly off the main road. There is a folder where the route is described.

In San Carlo there is a cute little hotel, named Basodino CHF 70.


Taking the cable car from San Carlo saved lots of precious time, you can do San Carlo to Riale in one day.

Not far from Riale, below the Dam is Rifugio Bim-Se. Rooms 46 Euro HP. No dorms.

Climbing the Bocchetta di Val Maggia 2630m


No private rooms in Ulrichen. You will have to do with one of the three pricey hotels (CHF 75+)