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Some remarks about the track between Hochweisstein Haus and Finkenstein (Mayrhofen)

Setting off from the Filmoor Hut

Filmoor Hutte

The Porze- and Obstanzerseehütte are hotel-like huts. If you prefer the small-scale isolated mountain huts, stay at Filmoor.

Sillianer Hutte

Stay at the Sillianer Hütte. The Hahnhütte most probably does not have any accomodation, and from the Sillianer Hütte you have plenty of time to reach the first cable car down at 8.30 am.

I think that the shoes of the lightning victim hanging in the hallway as a frightning example to careless hikers, are a fake.

Emergency bunks at the Dreizinnen

Dreizinnen Hütte

Near the base station of the Cable-car in Sexten there is a tourist office. I asked them to inquire on free places in the Dreizinnenhütte. They told me that there were 100 beds, so I should not worry. So I climed up, and there I learned there were only 3 emergency-beds left: under the terrace next to the diesel generators. (Saturday, begin of July). No water or WC down there.

Later I heard from people that did call up that they were told not to come up because they were full-up. My conclusion is just to go up and try your luck!

Dürresteiner Hütte

The privately owned Dürresteiner Hütte has free showers. The first one since -I guess- the Platten Hotel (R18). (Actually, some mountain huts may have showers, but I never use them because of environmental scrupules.)

Opposite the Hut there is a WWI museum to be opened soon. Everywhere along the track you will see remnants of this terrible war.

Seekofel and the Seekofel Hut


Water in the Seekofelhütte is stored in a tank, and is not drinkable. So bring up your own or buy water in bottles. Italian type of toilets!

St Martin in Gsies

From the Pragser Wildsee to Schmieden the track leads through forests. Along the way are interesting information panels about the Dolimites. From Schmieden the track follows an asphalted cycle-road that I found very boring. I recommend to take the hourly bus from Schmieden to Wellsberg. Then take another hourly bus from Wellsberg to St Martin (20 mins ride). The busride is interesting because it circles through all the villages in the valley.

In St Martin, behind the church there are two Gasthofen. I stayed at the Kircherwirt (E43 HP pp) which I can recommend. While you eat your 4-dishes dinner on the terrace you can have a last look at the Dolomites, which now seem so far away... Opposite to the bus-stop there is a tourist office. I was told that around August everything in and around St Martin is full.

Church clocks here are confusing: Small hands show the minutes, big hands show the hours!

Antholz Mittertal

In Antholz you will stay at Gasthof Bruggerwirt. Have a look at the beautifully decorated all wooden dining room.

Make use of the local supermarket to fill up your rations, because the next one is far away!

At the highest point near Reiserferner Hut

Rieserferner Hutte

At the Bergeralm (1hr from Antholz) you can eat and drink. Plenty of water higher up.

This is also the highest point of the track at 2800m. In the glacier nearby remains of a stone-age shepherd have been found by Gottfried, the warden of the Reiserferner. He will be glad to tell you all the details of his finding.

At the hut there are notes telling the water is not drinkable. That is because the water comes directly from the glacier nearby, and sensitive stomachs may go to protest. If you, like me are used to drinking water from wells and streams underway then it will be OK with you.


Pension Lärchenheim is primarily for long staying guests but Alfred will be happy to offer you a room for one night. If the place is full, he will do his best for you finding an alternative. And he will even drive you off!

Chemnitzer Hütte, Dun

There are no places in Dun that offer one-night stay. Either go down to Pfunders, or ask the warden of the Chemnitzer -Ronald- for advice. He will direct you to a mountain farm directly on the route. (They do not want to be mentioned on internet). They will only accomodate single hikers that come in late, and will provide food and blankets. Conditions are very primitive there. They put me in the haystack!

The Dominikus Hut


When you arrive at the newly rebuilt Pfitscherjoch Hütte, you instantly feel the urge to move on! The privately owned Dominikushütte (Gmap:47.0399,11.7022) is great. Owners are very friendly, and they have a free laundry service!


Nepomuks is a hostel right in the old town of Innsbruck. Friendly staff, great atmosphere! Excellent breakfast. Ideal start off for your hike in Tyrol. Very well recommended. http://www.nepomuks.at/