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Some remarks of the track in Slovenia

Refuge Premuda (no accomodation)


In Trieste the tourist office is very helpful to find a cheap B&B. They will even call up to make a reservation. My room cost 30 euro, with a view on the harbour.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The marked endpoint of the R1 stage is NOT Premuda! The refuge is one kilometer before, at coordinates: Gmap:45.6194,13.8659. (This has been corrected!) On the entire Italian part the GPS-track is very inaccurate and misleading. From Trieste to Premuda follow the red-and-white track number 1, and be very careful for sudden turns!

In the Refuge of Premuda there is no accommodation. But do not despair. The warden will phone the nearby B&B to book a reservation for you. Then have diner at the Refuge and after walk a kilometer down the valley to the square in the nearby village. The lady is very hospitable and friendly, she will even offer to pick you up! 25 euro pp +bf. Very well recommended!

The Author near Matavun


The refuge at Kokos offer no accommodation. You can stay at Lokev (Good, 3 beautiful apartments funded by the EU) opposite the new Tourist Office, and at Ledenica.


Between Razdrto (good room, but lousy kitchen: only prefab pizza) and Predjama no accommodation.

  • Hotel Razdtro 35 euro
  • Hotel Predjama 45 euro

I was the only guest in Crny Vrg

Crni Vrh

If you like walking for hours through dense forests, and not seeing anybody: then this is your lucky day!

Halfway, at Hrusika, there are rooms at the Post Office, which is situated on the compound of a Roman castle.

At Crni Vrh (Black Peak, pronounce: 'Churney Vurch'), there is a neat guest-house. 25 pp Try zlikrofi: small potatoes that are wrapped in pasta.


IMPORTANT: If you walk the reverse direction, from Idrija to Crni Vrg, note that the footbridge near lake Divje is closed!

There is an alternative footbridge about 1 km north. From Idrija, following the former railway, by the little guard-house go down and cross that footbridge. (Be careful: this bridge is very unsafe too!) From there, follow the east-bank past lake Divje. Some 100's of meters after, the track suddenly goes sharp left uphill.

Lots of B&B downtown in Idrija. The Dutch will like to stay in the Pizzeria, which is Kut.

Check in the Tourist Office the availability of the Refuge of Ermanovca! They will phone to announce you are coming. The place is not frequented much, and closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Porezen hut and its warden at sunset


From Poljane up to Porezen there is no place where you can fill up your water bottle. So take plenty up. In all of the coming huts you cannot drink the water: drinking water is sold in 1.5 liter bottles. Room 20 pp.

Crna Prst

In Petrovo Brdo, the owner -Radko, will not allow you just to pass his guest-house. He will come after you. Try his excellent Turkish Coffee. It comes together with Radko's own home brewn distillery. On the house: don't refuse! A small glass of this will rocket you up all the way to the Crna Prst! His guest-house also has two rooms. Fill up your water bottle here.

Radko making coffee for his guests

Radko is very enthusiastic to give you all sorts of good advice, like what to do if a brown bear crosses your track! (In short: don't run away -it will come after you, but make yourself big to scare it off). He knows, because the bear is often seen walking through the village: it killed three of his cows earlier this year!


The R10 can be done in one day, leave early. It took me 8 hours! However, it is by far the hardest stage in the Slovenian part. The first part, from Crna Prst to Sija can be rated difficult and at many places dangerous. The track is small and on one (sometimes two) sides a slope goes steeply down 100's of meters. Do this part only in good condition, perfect equipment, and good weather. Don't go alone.

Sija to Plese is just hard, and at some places difficult. It is mainly a track with loose rocks. From Plese to Komni the track goes through low bushes, and only goes a little up and down. Take plenty of water, because there is nothing underway. I consumed 2 liters on this stage.

Refuge Dolicu


The Refuge Dolicu is in normal business, but has relatively few places. The friendly warden at the Refuge Jezerin will phone Dolicu to book your reservation!

Behind the Jezerin Refuge there is a little water-well, the only one until Trenta! Fill up well! In Dolicu there was no streaming water at all, not even a little to wash yourself! A 1,5 liter bottle will cost 4 euro.

Dolicu dorm 20pp


A touristy town. Just before the info-center there is a small shop with a very limited collection of frozen bread and canned food.


At Isuro Soce and at the pass (Vrsic) there is accommodation. Check at the info-center at Trenta first!

Just before Isuro Soce do not miss the sudden turn right at about 100 meters before this place. It is a small path between to stone walls. Look for the circled track sign. (Use the track that you can download here and put it on your GPS, it is very accurate!)

Arriving in refuge Tamar

The part between Sleme to Tamar is 1 hour shorter then mentioned on this guide: 75 minutes at the most! That makes only 5h45 for the entire stage of today. But beware, today is the highest climb of the entire Slovenian part. Now that you gained one hour time, spend it to climb the Slemenova Spica. Spectacular view from there, well recommended! From Sleme to Tamar there is a difficult passage going down a narrow gorge.

Tamar dorm 8pp


Podkoren is a pretty village with some very old houses. There is also some accommodation.

In Thorl you can stay in the roadside hotel 'Hello!' for 27 + bf. Don't let this horrible name put you off, the place is OK. The owner will tell you all about the history of the house, of the time this place was a brizzling border station between the fiendish nations of Austria and Italy on the main trading route. Also have a look at his collection of ancient photographs hanging near the bar. There you see pictures of the brave WWI soldiers, standing in front of this house ready to defeat the enemy for once and for all!