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Some remarks of the track between Thorl and Porze Hut

Feistrizer Alm hut

Feistritzer Alm

Another day through the forest... Today's challenge is to count the number of border passes on the way.

The local language here is 'Windisch' nowadays only spoken by the elderly. It is a mixture of German, Italian an Slovenian. In the Feistizer Alm Hut the local farmers use this language to discuss local matters.

Egger Alm

If you are eastbound, this is the start of the bear area, up until deep into Slovenia! The west-bound hikers safely can unload their rifles now! When I was in Feistritzer Alm, two sheep were killed by a bear the week before. During my dinner the farmer told me in detail how the sheep had been ripped apart!

Nassfeld as seen from the Plattner


The Plattner Gasthof (recommended, lots of dorms) is 1,5km east of Nassfeld. Do not pass it by, like I did. I arrived down at the village (a horrible place) where I was told I had to go back. The very friendly chief gave me a special Via-alpina Tourenstagebuch. Coordinates: Gmap:46.5653,13.2855

Between Plattner and Nassfeld there is a running Sulfur Source. They say you can drink that water, and it seems to be very purifying. (Probably not recommended if you sleep in dorms)

Untere Valentinhutte

The dorms of the Valentin Gasthof are in a separate building. At night they locked the outside door, and in the morning we had to shout out the window to get us freed!

Halfpension 36 euro.


The Wolayersee Hut is partly closed in 2012 because of reconstructions. Look for the Lambertenghi Hut, 5 minutes away on the Italian side. I prefer the food in Italian huts. Half Pension with dorms and a three dish meal a la carte for 36 euros.

Leaving the Hochweissstein Haus


There is a little booklet which tells the history of the place. Look for it, interesting!

Malga Antola

During bad weather -like I had- it is advisable to take the lower road on the Italian side. It is an easy type B road, without too many climbs. On the way you will pass Malga Antola -a mountain dairy farm. Gmap:46.6428,12.6974. Do not pass by! You will meet Guiliano and Marino, two elderly men who serve a lunch with self made cheese from raw-milk (!), bread and plenty of wine. There is also a dormitory. Guiliano speaks a little German, but his native tongue is 'Ladino' -a local language. The overnight stay was very pleasant!

Preparing wood for cooking dinner at Malga Antola

Later you will stop at Malga Manzon. Gmap:46.6419,12.6356. They served me coffee, bread and home made cervelat wurst. They put another sausage in my pack, and refused any payment! They have private rooms.

And there is small refugio just before the Porze pass at Gmap:46.6451,12.6025, it seemed unmanned.

Porze Hut

Here I gave up because of bad weather.